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Appraisal Clause 

Also Known as
The Appraisal Provision

This clause is used to resolve a dispute when an Insurance Carrier and Policyholder disagree on the amount of damage and/or scope of loss caused by a covered event and/or the amount of payment to settle a claim.

The Policyholder or the Carrier has the right to invoke Appraisal. 

The appraisal clause is usually found in the "Conditions" and/or "What to do after a loss," sections of the policy. Policies are different in each state. Therefore, you should refer to your own policy to see if the Insurance Appraisal Clause exists.

The Appraisal is different than Arbitration.

There are a range of alternate dispute resolution methods that can be employed to resolve a dispute between an insurance company and its policyholder. The difference between the appraisal process and arbitration is that the appraisal process is focused on the narrow issue of the scope and amount of loss rather than whether a particular claim is covered.  Because arbitration is intended to address and resolve all issues through an adversarial process, the cost of engaging in arbitration is usually far more expensive for policyholders.

Appraisal Process 

Proven Successful Steps

We contract with a Team of Vetted, Certified, Licensed and Experienced Appraisers with years of damage inspection knowledge, they will:

1. Perform an on-site evaluation of your property damages,
2. Review storm event activity-related documents-other evidence,
3. Write professional reports, detailed line by line estimate and an Appraisal Position Statement,
4. Meet with the Appraisal Panel consisting of 3 people, Our Appraiser, the Other Appraiser and the Umpire if needed.

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Types of Claims

Who We Serve

Property Owners

"WE" understands stress, confusion and uncertainty after a catastrophic weather event can be very challenging. Your property may be your largest investment and in some cases your retirement plan. "WE" Team's first objective is to listen to you and understand your situation. Then we take the time to explain the process, answer your questions and help you weigh your options.  

Insurance Carriers

WE" works as an unbiased independant third party for Insurance Carriers. Our Team helps investigate and settle appraisal losses regarding the scope and amount of loss. 


Attorneys appoint "WE" as the appraiser for their clients during the Insurance Appraisal process.  This is a great alternative to a lawsuit. 

Public Adjusters

"WE" supports Public Adjusters for investigations, estimate writing, and as Umpires and Appraisers for their clients.

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Senior Adjuster-Claims Examiner

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Field Support, Claims Examiner

Appraisers & Umpires

Industry Certified Appraisers and Umpires
with years of experience. 

Inspectors & Estimators

Professional Property Damage Inspctors and Estimators with years of experience. 

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